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Defensive Driving Training

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 We are unique in so many different ways: we teach our students to be good drivers on the road, polite, considerate, respectful, obey the traffic laws, share the road with other drivers and the mechanics of how to drive under different circumstances. We make certain that you will be able to pass the drivers license road test, by the time you complete your course. You will also become a good and safe driver; ready to face the road with confidence.  

To become a defensive driver you will need driving experience. For a new student driver, sometimes it is hard to understand this concept and this is the reason why we put so much effort into teaching defensive driving techniques.  A good defensive driver is always alert in preventing and anticipating danger; with learning skills on how to handle the unexpected. Remember, you may be a good driver, but that doesn't mean that everyone who shares the road, is a good a driver. That is why we prepare all our students with the necessary experience to drive with awareness and self reliance.         

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